Mini "Ethersex" Board

This article is intended to share a piece of hardware design with Ethersex community.

This hardware is internally called MAE1061 and starts up from the domus project (building automation) but it has been though for the following purposes:

  • Modbus RTU - TCP converter;
  • SCADA Module (surveillance of 2 inputs, sends mail to notify changes, 1 output could be controlled);
  • ArtNet DMX Node (based on this article).

Definitively, it can be used for any purpose using Ethersex firmware, just check if i/o offered agree your application.


  • Form factor fits in a 2-modules-width DIN box;
  • Ethernet 10Mbps (ENC28J60);
  • 1 RS485 through screw 5mm connector with optional polarization and termination;
  • 2 opto-isolated dc-input through screw 5mm connector;
  • 1 low-voltage, low-current relay output through screw 5mm connector;
  • 1 internal i/o line on a 2 pin header that can be used for a OneWire sensor, or a configuration Jumper, or other;
  • 12V power supply through screw 5mm connector.


PCB Design files


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