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We are working on a promising project about Building Automation.


  • affordable
  • flexible and interfaceable with other standards and products


The system will be made of:

  • a series of pheripherals, communicating over the well-known ModBus standard, such as:
    • digital input modules;
    • relay output modules;
    • dimmer modules;
    • anolog input modules;
    • temperature sensors;
    • smoke/gas sensors;
  • some intelligent units, that will run specific software capable of:
    • communicating with the attached peripherals;
    • gain autonomy (respond to inputs switching outputs etc);
    • working as gateway to the Ethernet;
    • be configurable in stand-alone (web interface) but when connected to a network should be ideally configurable automatically by the system (just configure the “master” device, all peripheral intelligent units will be automatically configured for stand-alone autonomy operation).
  • some user interfaces (touch panels), communicating over ethernet, running specific software
  • PSU

State of art

Input/output peripherals ready.

Temperature sensor still under development.

Now working on the CPU unit.


Generic DIN peripheral 3d view

First prototype boards:

(16 input board, 8 relay output board, temperature sensor board)

DIN - 16 dig. input module

Article Code: MAEDI16D

This module features 16 opto-isolated inputs and modbus communication.

First batch produced!

Full features:

  • 16 opto-isolated inputs active connecting the input to ground: easy installation;
  • Input mild filtering;
  • Three readable registers, one (0) for instantaneous status, one (1) for the previous status (reset after reading), one (2) for the previous status (reset after writing something to the same register).
  • Input leds that indicate status of inputs, they can be enabled and disabled through pushbutton or permanently with dip-switch;
  • Data led, indicates whenever a modbus function is accomplished;
  • Error led, indicates whenever a modbus function cannot be satisfied;
  • Peripheral reset button;
  • 12VDC power supply.

DIN - 8 relay output module

Article Code: MAEDR8D

Module featuring 8 relay normally open outputs for power loads.

First batch produced!


  • 8 relay NO outputs;
  • uses OMRON G5Q relais, 250VAC 10A resistive load;
  • One modbus register readable and writable;
  • Front panel leds indicate status of outputs;
  • Front panel leds can be enabled or disabled with a toggling pushbutton or a dip switch;
  • Data led: flashes whenever modbus request has been accomplished;
  • Error led: flashes whenever modbus request cannot be satisfied;
  • Front panel reset button;
  • 12VDC power supply.

Temperature sensor

Article code: MAEDTSP

Ambient temperature sensor, fits inside one modular wall device (Vimar Plana), Modbus communication.

Under development.

Intelligent Units

Call them CPU modules, Central units or intelligent units, this is a core for the system. It can work independently or as a peripheral unit in a LAN network.

Features ARM CPU, Modbus master line(s), LAN connection.

Under development. First PCB prototypes:

User Interfaces

User Graphical interfaces, with a touch screen display for interaction with the system.

Under development.

Some photo of first hardware prototype.


It is possible to have a PSU for each peripheral, or centralize them. Centralizing them can be convenient bacause you can use only one 12V lead acid battery as backup power for the whole system (except for additional networking infrastructures, such as ethernet switches).

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