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Polling system through webpages

QuickPoll è un'applicazione desktop sviluppata in ambiente Qt (quindi multipiattaforma), che, associata a un semplice webserver, permette di eseguire votazioni in cui i votanti usano il proprio smartphone connesso in wifi, tramite una pagina web (quindi senza installare apps).




  • a webserver running on the same PC where runs the QT application
  • a class C network with wireless access point, better if configured to redirect connected smartphones to the webserver

The desktop QT application allows the user to start or stop voting for a person, group or something.

When starting polling the application writes a html/php page in the webserver root directory.

The script allows each user to vote choosing between three buttons each with a value (let's say 1, 5 or 10 points).

When a user votes, a text file is stored in the webserver votes directory, the file is named with the last byte of the user's IP address (this is why the network must be class C), and the application polls the directory and reads all the files. Each user is allowed to vote only one time, so the script checks the file not to exist. Of course if a user changes its own ip address he can vote again, but usually this should not happen.

When stopping polling, a last count of vote files is done, the directory cleaned and an html page with a short message is displayed.

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Sourcecode is Open (GPLv3) and available at



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