Si tratta di un piccolo circuito timer digitale regolabile da 1 secondo a 1 ora (in passi da 1 secondo fino a un minuto, poi in passi da 1 minuto) che pilota un'uscita a relè collegabile a un carico 220V.


This is a small digital timer that controls a relay output for a 230vac load, could be a uv lamp for photo-printing or a heater resistor in a press or something similar that you don't want to spend time looking after as the MiniTimer will do it for you.


Timeout range 1 second to 60 seconds (adjustable in 1 sec. steps) and 1 minute to 60 minutes (adjustable in 1 minute step).

Relay output, 10A for resistive load. A led will indicate the output status.

Buzzer to indicate when the time is finished.

Italian user manual (manuale in italiano)


1. 7 segment display: will indicate minutes (dot point still or blinking) or seconds (dot point off).

2. Rotary encoder to set time, plus pushbutton to start (and eventually stop) timer.

3. Output status indicator led.

4. Buzzer.


Scheme is available here (click to see bigger):

The heart is a atmega8 micro running at 8Mhz (but any smaller frequency is enought!) with this firmware.


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