Powerful light dmx consoles are often very expensive and thus inaffordable. Many techinicians opt using usually two (or three) more affordable ones to gain the desired effect with practicity. For example one dimming desk controls the only dimmers, and onother one controls motorized effects. This way you have to lay one dmx cable for each console (i.e. two or more), paying attention then to make each one serve different fixture sets.

This project offers a solution to this, merging the channels from a console with the channels from the other, and providing a single dmx output for all the fixtures.

"MaE dmx merge" takes channels 1 to N from the A universe, and channels 1 to M from the B universe. Output universe channels 1 to N are the A's and N+1 to N+M are the B's. Of course N+M cannot be more than 512.

The first prototype born accepts 2 input universes (A,B). Uses a ATmega1280, and provides setting of "N" through a LCD panel and a "scroll and push" knob.

Further version(s) will provide 3 input universes (A,B,C) and maybe other settings or field-testing useful features.



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