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 On the host (pc) side, you can listen to the stream with: On the host (pc) side, you can listen to the stream with:
    play -1 -b8 -r 7940 -t raw -u --buffer 64 /dev/ttyS0    play -1 -b8 -r 7940 -t raw -u --buffer 64 /dev/ttyS0
 +//Note:// bitrate 7940 is just experimental. Once the timing will be optimezed bitrate would be standard 8000 (or greater with other kinds of serial i/f). However bitrate setting doesn'​t prevent play from working, just changes sound pitch and introduces small time-lapse gaps.
 {{:​audiodevice.jpg?​direct&​300|}} {{:​audiodevice.jpg?​direct&​300|}}

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