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MaE Countdown Projector

Main usage: last year's eve party. Actually it has been used in only one last year's eve.

A 800W alogen bulb was the light source. A stepper motor controlled the “numbers” wheel, and a PIC did the timings etc. Only one button to activate the countdown.

MaE Scanner / MaAl ScanControl

Creation date was 2004

First (and last) prototype of light scanner.

Details of Colour and Gobos wheels. Note the black tape indexes, used to stop motor at the right colour/gobo, because no stepper motor were used, only DC motor. Mirror was stepper motored.

A 250W alogen linear light bulb was light source. Focus lenses were then re-used for the countdown projector above in this page.

All the stuff was controlled by a PC, with 2 parallel ports, and DOS/QBasic software (ScanControl).

Pictured keys were sticked on a keyboard for use with the ScanControl software.

MaE Colour Changer Light (CCA)

A normal tungsten 80/100W light bulb behind this coloured wheel did the “colour changer”. Star shapes actually were not projected.

Old Lighting Desk

Pure electrical lighting desk. Starting from the first version, was then modified a lot of times, now it is a dmx dimmer of half dimension :)


31/12/1999 finished
26/05/2000 modified
30/08/2005 slaughtered

MaE Lightdesk 6S4A

This Controller had 6 latched/flashed on/off outputs for effects, 4 flash/chasing outputs for spots, 1 pulse output for strobo. All outputs TTL. Latching controlled by PIC16F84. Chase generated by 4017 and diode network. Strobo pulses generated from 555.

Creation date was most probably Summer 2005

Old Cardboard Wind-up stands / truss

MaE DmxRouter / MaAl WinnerScanController

This keyboard has pictured keys for use with the WinnerScanController software (Win/VB) that interfaced the “DmxRouter” through parallel port.

Creation date was May 2005


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