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Important! Information available at this page is not correct. This phone in fact does support 802.3af Power Over Ethernet, i have tested it. Maybe it does support also cisco pre-standard because there is a diode bridge that allows reverse polarity powering over rj45.


Firmware source

Upgrading from SCCP to SIP

You can upgrade from an old SCCP firmware to the latest SIP firmware in one pass.

IMPORTANT NOTE! It seems that after this upgrade TFTP does not work any more, and you cannot upgrade the firmware again, nor load config from a centralized server. It is not true, i was having trouble with the tftp server. If it tries to send pxe (netboot), then the phone DOES NOT ask the tftp server for nothing. So I suppose that also official upgrade procedure (readme file) works. Will check.

Version of the previous firmware CP7912010300SCCP…..?

Version of the upgrade firmware CP7912010300SIP050414A or CP7912080000SIP060111A

Just put the following files in the tftp server root directory:


where <mac> stands for the MAC address of the device i.e. SEP001380AD97F2.cnf.xml

<loadInformation model="IP Phone 7912">CP7912010300SIP050414A</loadInformation>


<loadInformation model="IP Phone 7912">CP7912080000SIP060111A</loadInformation>

CP7912010300SIP050414A.sbin or CP7912080000SIP060111A.sbin


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