AVR Programming quick guide

Quick guide useful for first approach or as a reference for commands, pinning, etc…

The matter: upload a compiled code file (.hex) into the avr's flash memory.

Use a Makefile to do all the work. Download it here.

In the makefile:

  • change/add source files;
  • change your project name;
  • change part name (for example atmega16);
  • change programmer type and port.

Use make to compile, make hex to generate firmware in the format read by the programmer, make writeflash to program the AVR.

I have also added make fuse that should be adjusted in the Makefile, to write the fuse byte(s).


Atmega64 : remove compatibility flag when programming, otherwise lot of registers won't work and the code will crash.

i.e. extended fuse bits should be 0xFF

avrdude -p m64 -P /dev/parport0 -c stk200 -U efuse:r:-:h

will output 0xfd, so let's do

avrdude -p m64 -P /dev/parport0 -c stk200 -U efuse:w:0xFF:m


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